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Reading: Rising for whom?


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Rising for whom?


Athanasios Stathopoulos

Leiden University, NL
About Athanasios

Athanasios Stathopoulos is a University Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Institute for History at Leiden University. He completed his PhD at the School of International Relations, University of St Andrews, under the supervision of Professor Ian Taylor (2011–2015).

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The increase of African per capita growth figures led international organisations, the media and pundits to proclaim that the rise of Africa is inevitable, as the result of novel policies and an improved environment in the continent. Ian Taylor, in his article ‘Is Africa rising?’, is questioning the arguments on which this narrative is based. The present piece seeks to discuss the main contributions of Taylor’s article and show how it has influenced debates on the topic.

How to Cite: Stathopoulos, A., 2023. Rising for whom?. Contemporary Voices: St Andrews Journal of International Relations, 6(1), p.7. DOI:
Published on 02 Oct 2023.
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